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Microsoft Will Automatically Install Defender on Devices

Microsoft Will Automatically Install Defender on Devices

The tech giant wants to automatically install its antivirus software on subscribers’ Windows 10 and 11 computers via an update. It is a new app.

Microsoft Defender has been the name of Microsoft’s antivirus software for years. The tech giant now has a new app ready for Windows 11 and 10, which will be automatically installed on a range of PCs by the end of February. First, the forced installation will be for users with 365 Family or 365 Personal subscriptions.

The app will also be added to the installer for Microsoft 365, so those who subscribe later will get the new app installed immediately. This should be apparent from a support page.

How this happens, unannounced and automatically, has been criticized, as some concerned users quickly fear malware. New unannounced apps should not just pop up on your desktop. But it’s not malware. Microsoft Defender is a dashboard that combines the security features of your various connected devices. The app relies on tools in the device’s operating system for the actual scans.

On Windows, for example, that would be Windows Security, but if you open the app on Android, you can launch Android malware scans and more from there. The app is also free to download and use for people who do not have a subscription to Microsoft 365, although that version will have fewer functions.

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