Meghan Markle Comes With Its Clothing Line

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Meghan Markle comes with its Clothing Line. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, did not sit still during her pregnancy.


Prince Harry’s wife not only worked on the September issue of the British Vogue but also devised a special clothing line for working women.

She did this for the charity organisation Smart Works, of which Meghan has been patroness since January.

During several visits to Smart Works, Meghan saw that the clothing offered there for free to applying women is not always “appropriate”.

That can be read on the Instagram account of Harry and Meghan, where an explanation is given about the clothing line.

Several previously unknown photos of a heavily pregnant Meghan are attached to the message.

To get more suitable work clothes on the shelves of Smart Works,

Meghan devised a collaboration with several friendly designers and clothing stores.

For every item sold from September, the same item goes to Smart Works.

The foundation is pleased with the work of Meghan, according to a reaction on Instagram.

“We flourish under the patronage of the Duchess and look forward with enthusiasm to the plans for this fall.”

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