Macron Wants EU Sanctions After Provocations on the Mediterranean

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President Emmanuel Macron calls for European sanctions against parties that violate the territorial waters of Greece and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean.


“It would be a major mistake for the EU not to respond to that. The EU does virtually nothing while Turkey and Russia are increasingly manifesting and competing with each other.”

Macron spoke during the reception of his Cypriot counterpart Nikos Anastasiades. According to Macron, security in the European region should not be left to third parties, and France will not allow it.

Turkey has been looking for oil and gas supplies, including in Cypriot and Greek waters, under the Eastern Mediterranean for some time now. This has led to significant tensions. Numerous Greek and Turkish navy ships beset each other in the Aegean Sea.

Greek public broadcaster reported that the tension seems to have eased on Thursday after German Chancellor Angela Merkel made phone calls to Turkish President Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The European Union has already warned that Turkey should immediately remove ships seeking energy sources from exclusive European waters. Turkey disputes the existence of such private waters around Crete, for example.

In Cyprus, Turkey is violating waters arguing that it represents the interests of Northern Cyrpus. Turkey occupied Northern Cyprus in 1974 and claimed to be an independent state. Officially, all of Cyprus is a member of the EU.

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