London: Russians Make Progress in Ukraine’s Kharkiv Region

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The Russian army has probably made “minor strides” in fighting in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region for the first time in weeks. This is reported by the British Ministry of Defense in a daily update of the situation on the front lines in Ukraine.


According to the British, the centre of gravity of the Russian offensive is still at Severodonetsk to the east. The city has been fighting for weeks.

According to the governor of the eastern Luhansk region, to which Severodonetsk belongs, it is no longer possible to evacuate civilians or bring goods to the city because the last bridge to the city has been destroyed. The Ukrainian army has also been driven out of the centre there.

The Kharkiv region borders Luhansk. The city of the same name Kharkiv was the second-largest city in the country before the war and had about 1.5 million inhabitants. It is one of the first cities to be attacked by the Russian army, due to its eastern location. In May, Ukrainian soldiers managed to push back the Russian army.

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