Largest Nutella Factory In The World Closed After ‘Quality Problems’

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Largest Nutella factory in the World closed after ‘Quality Problems’. The largest Nutella factory in the world is closed after, according to producer Ferrero, “quality problems” were found in samples of chocolate paste.


Production has stopped since Wednesday, but it is not yet apparent what the problem is.

The location in the French Villers-Écalles, in Normandy,

 produces approximately 600,000 pots of Nutella per day,

 similar to a quarter of the total production worldwide.

In the factory, Kinder Bueno chocolate bars are also produced.

The difficulties do loosen a lot in France. For example, the French Minister for Agriculture had to give an official response.

According to Didier Guillaume, there is no danger to public health as far as he knows.

According to him, it would be an economic problem.

Ferrero meant that there is no danger for Nutella’s offer and that there is nothing wrong with the pots of chocolate paste that are now in store.

The Italian Ferrero has 22 production locations worldwide with 30,000 employees.

In addition to Nutella and Kinder Bueno, the group also produces, for example, Ferrero Rocher and Tic Tac peppermints.

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