Largest British Employers Organization Complains about Staff Shortages

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Something needs to be done quickly about the widespread shortage of staff in the UK. Otherwise, it could take up to two years to fill all currently open positions, says the UK’s largest employers’ association, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).


There are shortages of truck drivers, fruit pickers, factory workers and mechanical engineers in the country, among others.

The British catering industry also complains about a lack of staff. According to the CBI, hotels cannot offer all their rooms because there are not enough employees to wash the sheets. As a result, restaurants are forced to choose whether they are open for lunch or dinner.

Before Brexit and the corona crisis, employees from the European Union filled half of the vacancies in the catering industry. During the pandemic, many migrant workers returned home. However, new migrants from the EU are deterred by the new strict Brexit and visa regulations.

“Waiting for the deficits to resolve themselves is not the way to run an economy,” CBI chairman Tony Danker said in a statement. He believes the UK government should do more to provide courses and skills training in the fields where there are the most vacancies. Danker also believes that targeted immigration should be used to fill the gaps.

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