KLM Stops Flights To Iran In September

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KLM stops Flights to Iran in September. Airline KLM will stop direct flights to Tehran, the capital of Iran, from 24 September. The company does this for commercial reasons.


KLM states in a statement on the website that negative results and the financial aspect motivated the decision.

The last flight to Tehran departs from Amsterdam on 22 September and lands at Schiphol a day later.

The Dutch airline had discontinued flights to Iran in 2013 and had started again in 2016.

Earlier, sister company Air France already decided to restrict flights to the capital of Iran and transfer them to prizefighter Joon.

For passengers who already have a ticket for a flight on or after 24 September, an alternative trip or financial compensation will be decided.

Passengers can still fly with Iran Air to Tehran from the Netherlands.

The nuclear agreement that Iran has concluded with several European countries, Russia, China and the United States has provided more economic opportunities for the nation.

Which has led to more trading opportunities, on which various airlines have also chosen to offer flights to the Iranian capital again?

However, the decision by US President Donald Trump to step out of the nuclear agreement has created new unrest in Iran.

The threat of new US sanctions makes it more difficult or even impossible for companies to trade with the country.

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