Kim Kardashian In Shock After Heavy Health News

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Kim Kardashian in Shock after heavy Health News. The life of Kim Kardashian (38) may seem perfect from the outside, but in her reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she reveals that she is not doing well.


The premiere of the new season shows that the reality star is receiving intense medical news.

Kim was quite upset by the result of a blood test.

During the premiere of the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians,

 it became clear that the brunette was struggling with swollen joints and headaches, and she was constantly tired.

These symptoms have been investigated and can have a severe cause.

“Your antibodies are positive for the autoimmune disease Lupus and rheumatic arthritis,” Kim’s doctor told on the phone.

There is a bright spot. “It sometimes happens that the test is a false positive,” the doctor explains.

The news about her health was hard on Kim.

“I can’t handle it,” she cried with sisters Khloé and Kylie and mother, Kris.

More research is being done into the cause of her ailments.

“You don’t know anything for sure”, Kylie encouraged her sister.

But she admits: “That is also the scariest thing about it, that you don’t know anything yet.”

Although it looks bad for Kim now, Kris believes it is important that her daughter “remains very positive until there are some more test results.”

But Kim sees it gloomy. “You simply assume the worst,” she says.

“So that will be difficult in the coming period.

I constantly wonder what I have, what is going on, and how I can solve this.”

So far, nothing is certain about the health of the reality star.

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