Kanye West Expresses Relocation Playfully

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Kanye West expresses Relocation Playfully. Kanye West (42) has moved to a giant ranch in Wyoming, and the nearby cowboy town of Cody will know that too.


The rapper is organising one of his well-known spiritual Sunday services there on Sunday morning.

The so-called Sunday Service is often a private party, but this time everyone is welcome.

With huge billboards, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody announces the arrival of Ye and his choir of 80 men.

Perhaps the husband of Kim Kardashian sees this as the perfect opportunity to get to know his new neighbours..?

Also, reports that Kanye takes the preparations seriously.

Large white tents have been set up, and catering companies are coming and going.

According to the website of the event centre, there is room for 200 seated guests or 700 standing guests.

It is still unknown how many people will attend a Sunday service.

Cody has about 10,000 inhabitants, but fans of the rapper will probably have a trip to the town for a sermon from their idol.

Kanye’s Sunday Services are usually organised in California.

The services are only accessible to family and friends,

 including famous stars such as Brad Pitt, Katy Perry, Courtney Love and Diplo.

Wyoming is not the first major Sunday service.

Kanye previously appeared with his Sunday Service in Chicago and Atlanta, which also became big parties.

There was also one during the Coachella festival.

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