Justin Bieber Shined With Purple Diamonds

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Justin Bieber Shined with purple Diamonds in his Mouth. Justin Bieber (25) has given himself some new decorations; for example, in the mouth of the pop idol, today stands a grill with purple diamonds.


The Biebs shared its brand new grill – a tooth attachment that is especially popular among rappers – on Instagram.

The new decoration comes from jeweller Gold Teeth God in Los Angeles, according to the photo caption.

The bit is covered with lavender-coloured 5-carat diamonds from Israel, and sources told.

According to the reports posted by a model agency in London, the jeweller selected the diamonds individually by colour and matched them.

Normally around 25,000 dollars is paid for such a piece of jewellery, but it is not known how much the 25-year-old singer paid for it.

Incidentally, it is not Bieber’s first grill: he already has a pink worth 15,000 dollars.

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