Japanese Princess Mako is Married and Loses Her Royal Status

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After years of controversy, Japanese princess Mako (30) has married her fiancé Kei Komuro, a commoner. In doing so, she gives up her royal status. Japanese television showed Mako leaving the Imperial residence in Tokyo and saying goodbye to her family.


Mako, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino – aka Fumihito, and her former classmate Kei Komuro got engaged in September 2017. Their wedding has been postponed several times, including an argument over money problems with Komuru’s mother. There was a rumour that she would still have to pay off a student loan with her ex-partner.

A marriage could not take place, according to Crown Prince Akishino, as long as the financial quarrel was not resolved. In April this year, Komuro finally indicated that he wanted to settle with his ex-stepfather. However, it is unclear whether that conflict has since been resolved.

After almost 4 years, the marriage between Mako and Kei Komuro has continued, but not traditional. The Imperial institution had announced earlier this month that the wedding ceremony, reception banquet and other rituals would not occur due to the outcry over the financial dispute.

Mako also waived the lump sum money she receives from the government when she gets married. Japanese princesses traditionally receive 150 million yen (about 1.1 million euros) if they marry a commoner and thus lose their title, position and membership of the Imperial House. In this way, the princess could then continue to live comfortably.

After marriage, the couple plans to move to the United States, where Komuro works at a law firm.

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