Japanese on Death Row Sue Over Execution Date

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In Japan, two inmates on death row have sued the country because death row inmates are only told shortly in advance that they will be executed.


According to the complainants, this is “inhumane” and “illegal” because it gives death row inmates no time to object to the execution order.

Therefore, the two want this use to be changed and demand compensation of 22 million yen. “Death row inmates are afraid every morning that it will be their last day,” the lawyer for one of the inmates told Kyodo news agency. “That’s terribly inhumane.” According to the lawyer, the law allows prisoners to be informed of their upcoming execution earlier.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly spoken out against this practice, but this is the first time that death row inmates have taken the step to court.

In Japan, the death penalty is mainly imposed in murder cases. According to Japanese media, about 110 prisoners in the country are currently on death row. Execution is by hanging. No executions have been carried out this year.

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