Italy Further Tightens Corona Policy and Bans Parties

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The Italian government is coming up with stricter measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


These include a ban on private parties and new rules for the catering industry, reports the Italian news agency ANSA. The measures will remain in force for at least thirty days.

Restaurants and cafes must close at midnight. From 9 p.m., people are no longer allowed to eat and drink standing outside catering establishments. This is to prevent crowds from forming there. School trips are banned, and amateur contact sports are restricted.

Stricter rules will also apply to private events. A maximum of thirty people may be present at ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

Citizens are also advised to wear mouth masks at home when they receive visitors. In addition, the advice is not to receive more than six people from outside the household.

The measures are contained in a decree allegedly signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte overnight. The authorities have not yet published that document.

On October 1, Italy reported more than 2,000 corona infections in one day for the first time in months. Then it went fast. Authorities said 4,619 new corona cases on Monday. The death toll from the corona crisis in the southern European country is more than 36,000.

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