Italy Also Wants to Make Face Masks Mandatory Outside

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Throughout Italy, it may also be mandatory to wear a mouth mask outside. Italian media report that the government will shortly come up with that tightening in the fight against the coronavirus.


Wednesday is mentioned as the starting date.

Many Italians already wear mouth and nose protection outside, although this is extraordinarily mandatory in public transport, shops, offices and other public indoor spaces.

In the Lazio region, with the capital Rome, it was already announced on Friday that there is not a duty to cap it. Children under 6 years of age, people who cannot tolerate a mouth mask medically and athletes are excluded.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said last week that he wanted to extend the state of emergency due to the corona crisis until January 31. The authorities thus retain additional powers to implement measures.

Minister Roberto Speranza of Health would like to submit the extension to parliament on Tuesday officially. The state of emergency was declared at the end of January for six months and has been extended earlier.

Just like in most other countries in Europe, the number of infections has also increased significantly in Italy. On Sunday, 2578 new cases were reported and 18 deaths. In total, about 36,000 people have died of Covid-19 in Italy.

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