Israeli Broadcaster Wants The Money Back For Madonna’s Song

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Israeli Broadcaster wants the Money back for Madonna’s song Festival Act. Four months after the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, Israeli public broadcaster KAN is bringing a lawsuit over Madonna’s controversial act.


However, the case is not about its false notes, but about unpaid bills.

The indictment states that Live Nation and Live Nation Israel, as representatives of Madonna,

 have violated the terms of their agreements and have not fulfilled their financial promises.

A spokeswoman for the broadcaster confirms that the broadcaster has started a case,

 but refuses further explanation.

It is not yet known when the case will be served.

The court documents show that Madonna received technical and logistical support from KAN that went beyond the normal production costs.

KAN assumed that the Madonna team would cover the costs.

The extra support consisted of projectors, headphones, additional stage assistants, tents, security and extra personnel.

KAN says Live Nation has agreed to cover these costs,

 but the invoices have not been paid.

Attempts to get the money back failed.

Madonna’s performance was controversial.

She allowed her dancers with an Israeli and Palestinian flag on their backs to hug each other during the act.

The Israeli organization was not aware of this beforehand.

There was also much criticism of the singer’s false singing.

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