Instagram Warns Users Of An Impending Blockade

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Instagram Warns users of an Impending Blockade. Instagram is becoming clearer in its policy on blocking accounts.


The site now warns users who are likely to go too far.

Instagram aligns its blocking policy more closely with that of Facebook, reports the social medium.

Until now, Instagram only blocked accounts that had shared a certain percentage of prohibited content.

From now on, Instagram will also punish based on the number of violations within a specific time.

Instagram will also warn users if they are close to the limit.

That report also contains the photo, video, story or the message that, according to Instagram,

 is in violation. That message is deleted by default, but users can appeal.

Instagram will then reconsider its decision, and post erroneously deleted messages.

In the first instance, users can appeal against messages that have been removed due to nudity and pornography,

 bullying and intimidation, hate speech, drug trafficking, and to combat terrorism.

That number of categories will be expanded in the coming months.

“Just like on Facebook, we can maintain our conditions more consistently and keep people responsible for what they post on Instagram,” says Instagram.

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