Hundreds of Thousands of Japanese Asked to Leave Their Homes for Rain

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At least one person has been killed, and hundreds of thousands of Japanese have been asked to leave their homes due to heavy rain on the island of Kyushu.


Japanese meteorologists warn of landslides due to a record amount of rain, which will continue in the coming days.

The victim died due to a landslide in the Japanese town of Unzen, which dragged those two houses with them. Two other people are still missing there.

According to the national television channel NHK, residents of up to 1.5 million homes have been called on to seek a safe haven. The images show flooded streets and neighbourhoods.

One of the cities where the water hardly stays within the banks of the rivers is Hiroshima. Authorities have called on 70,000 residents of the city to leave their homes, but evacuation is not yet mandatory.

Authorities warn that evacuations could be made more difficult by the rapidly rising water. “There is a risk of a major catastrophe in the coming days,” warns the Japan Meteorological Institute (JMA).

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