Hundreds of People Flee From the Erupted Volcano in Java

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In the east of the Indonesian island of Java, the Semeru volcano has erupted and ejects red-hot gases and volcanic material into the air.


More than 550 people in the area had to flee their homes, the disaster response service said Tuesday.

There were no reports of injuries, but residents are in urgent need of masks and food, a spokesman for authorities said. The nearly 3700-meter high volcano is the highest mountain in Java and is located in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. He is often active.

In recent days there have already been a series of eruptions from the Lewotolo volcano on the island of Lembata to the east of Bali. 3000 people were taken to safety.

At the same time, the alert level in the region was raised. The fire mountain erupted again on Friday for the first time since 2012. Another eruption on Sunday spewed a column of ash nearly four kilometres into the air.

Indonesia is located on the so-called ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean. The island nation has nearly 130 active volcanoes.

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