House US Asks Vice President to Remove Trump From Office

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The US House of Representatives has formally called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove President Donald Trump from office.


The resolution received the support of 223 delegates, almost all of them Democrats. Politician Adam Kinzinger was the only Republican to vote in favour, according to American media.

The attempt to override Trump in the final days of his presidency follows the parliament building’s storming by supporters of the president.

They had been encouraged by Trump to advance to the Capitol. There they overran the police and forced their way into the building. Several people were killed.

The storm led to outrage. The House is now demanding that Vice President Pence step in and strip Trump of his powers. He could appeal to the 25th amendment to the US Constitution for this.

It states that the vice president and the cabinet may decide that the president is no longer able to perform his duties.

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