Hottest June Ever in North America

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Last June was the warmest June on record for North America, with heatwaves and heat records. Records were also broken in many places in Europe, but according to EU climate service Copernicus, it was the second-warmest month of June since the measurements started.


In North America, it was 1.2 degrees warmer than usual in June. As a result, the northwestern United States and Canada suffered from heat waves. In Canada, the heat record was broken three days in a row. In Europe, the temperature was 1.5 degrees above average.

According to the climate service, heat waves are becoming more frequent and lasting longer. The past six years have been the hottest years on average. Because the soils in areas affected by high temperatures are also very dry, the risk of wildfires increases.

With an average temperature of 18.2 degrees, compared to the normal 16.2, the Netherlands experienced the warmest June since 1901, according to the KNMI. For Helsinki, it was the warmest June since 1844, the first year that temperatures were recorded.

“Those heat records are a powerful reminder of the impact that climate change can have on our lives,” Copernicus director Carlo Buontempo told reporters.

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