Google Will Label Misleading Photos in Search Results

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Google will soon label misleading photos. It is a new step by the internet giant against disinformation on the internet.


The new ‘Fact Check’ tags will appear with the photos and videos in the search engine. In a statement, Google cites the example of photos of sharks swimming around the streets of Houston after a hurricane in 2017 – images that circulated smoothly at the time.

Photos and videos are incredible ways to help people understand what is happening in the world.

But the newspaper of images also has pitfalls, such as the origin, authenticity or context of an image, ‘explains product director Harris Cohen.

The aim is, therefore, to have fact-check articles published in the Google Images department so that users can form an informed opinion about what is online.

When someone clicks on one of the search results to see a larger image, a summary of the fact check will appear below it.

Google ensures that the new labels do not affect the order of the results.

“Our systems are designed to provide the most appropriate and reliable information, including from fact-checking sources,” said Harris Cohen.

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