Google Stops Android Auto for Phone Screens

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Although it is probably not about the Android Auto that you know. The app was supposed to make calls while driving possible for people with cars that are not equipped for this.


Google will stop ‘Android Auto for phone screens’. It is an offshoot of the more well-known Android Auto that should allow you to safely call from your car, specifically if that car is not necessarily equipped for that. Instead, users are advised to switch to Google Assistant, the speaking assistant, to make calls, navigate or control media while driving.

The possible confusion is due to the fact that several Google products have been given a similar name. So people who were delighted that Android Auto (the system that projects your Android interface on the screen of the car) came to Belgium earlier this year don’t have to worry.

With Android Auto (the famous one), you plug an Android phone into a compatible car and see your Google interface on the screen of that car, with all apps supported. So it continues to exist. The Android Auto for phone screens disappears, which puts a modified, somewhat simplified interface on your smartphone itself.

The purpose of this is that you secure the smartphone in a holder in your car and operate it while driving, or rather before you start driving. That doesn’t sound super secure anyway and probably wasn’t used too often because the differences with your regular Android interface weren’t that big. All the more reason why Google is now draining the system.

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