Golfer Woods Awake After Emergency Leg Surgery

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Golfer Tiger Woods underwent emergency surgery for several open fractures to his right leg after being badly injured in a car accident.


According to his doctors, the procedure went well, and the former number 1 in the world is regained knowledge and approachable.

Among other things, Woods shattered an ankle in the incident in the Los Angeles area. According to the doctors, pins and screws were inserted into the athlete’s damaged bones, stabilizing his injuries. The damage to muscles and tissue is also said to be prominent.

“At the moment, Woods is approachable, and the first phase of the recovery has started,” said a statement from the hospital.

Woods, 45, was involved in a one-sided traffic accident near Rancho Palos Verdes’s town in Los Angeles County. He was conscious when the emergency services arrived. Authorities say Woods was speeding, but there is “no evidence” that he was ill or was under the influence. According to the district sheriff, Woods was “lucky to be alive”.

Woods has not played at a tournament since December. He was recovering from a fifth surgery on his back. He has been plagued with injuries for several years. Woods won the Masters for the fifth time in 2019 and now stands at fifteen wins in Majors, three less than record-holder Jack Nicklaus.

The police are conducting further investigations into the cause of the crash.

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