Giuliani Does Not Provide Evidence of Voting Fraud to Judge Pennsylvania

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Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney of US President Donald Trump, once again claimed in one of the Trump campaign’s lawsuits that there had been systematic electoral fraud across the country, also without providing any evidence.


Tuesday filed a hearing in the lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania to prevent Democrat Joe Biden from being declared the winner.

Trump-defended state attorneys dismissed the charges and asked the federal judge to declare the case inadmissible. If Trump loses the lawsuit in Pennsylvania, his last chance to get a second term in the White House in court may be gone.

Meanwhile, a case was also filed with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. There, the Trump camp was again blunt, which also does the president’s case before the federal judge.

The Supreme Court ruled that the electoral council in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, acted correctly by distancing observers of the Trump campaign from counting votes.

In federal court, the pattern of recent weeks since the election has been repeated, with Giuliani repeatedly claiming on behalf of President Trump that “widespread, country-wide voting fraud” has occurred, and the state subsequently denouncing those claims as baseless “speculation.”

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