Get Guarantee on Handcrafted Quality of Laguiole Knife

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Quality matters a lot when you are paying a significant amount. The necessity for quality is further expected when there are countless counterfeit products available online/offline stores. Laguiole knife is one such masterpiece that has derived its legacy from southern France to worldwide. It has today become a must-have asset for countless people.

However, the most significant query associated with these knives is their quality and authenticity. With time, numerous non-permitted brands introduced their imitated products to make a profit from the Laguiole.

But there are still a few of the manufacturers who give you a guarantee of quality, regardless of your ordering location. The manufacturer always provides you with a proven guarantee against any defects followed by regular usage. Interestingly, there isn’t a time frame for a warranty. It means you are getting a lifelong warranty against any defects encountered in your knife.

The authorized manufacturer always invites you to call in case of any defect in your Laguiole knife. Renowned manufacturers still have their signature engraved on the blade alongside a guarantee certificate, which assures you its manufacturer, quality, and tradition.

The origin of Laguiole knives is Aubrac, a small province in Southern France. With time, the legacy improvised to conclude a sharp, robust, and sturdy knife for versatile purposes. A few legal manufacturers make mostly two types of knives, i.e., blacksmith and cutler. With both, you get a guarantee certificate.

Do you know the elements that can help you identify the authenticity of your Laguiole knife’s quality? Well, there are a few other pointers (apart from Guarantee Certificate) that let you distinguish between a fake and an original knife.

Firstly, you must know that a valid Guarantee Certificate always includes the manufacturer’s name, his address and phone, and email. Finally, it will indicate that it is a manufacturer: with the trades of blacksmiths and cutlers.

So from wherever you are buying a perfect shaped Laguiole knife, don’t skip to ask for a Guarantee Certificate.

What about a steel guarantee?

Still do have a guarantee against oxidation, rusting, and corrosion. The steel used in its manufacturing is actually carbon steel. This steel is specially used to keep the corrosion aside for decades. Most of the manufacturers prefer using Sandvik 12c27 and 14c28 stainless sheets of steel.

However, personalized steel knives are also available to provide you with a homey feeling. Furthermore, Damascus steel is also used for personalized steel knives. So, whether you are ordering a personalized Laguiole knife or is about to buy any one of them, it’s essential to keep a keen eye on the seller.

You must know that genuine knives always have a serration and further, it comes with a genuine ID as well. So, after buying your favourite Laguiole knife, it’s essential to maintain it regularly. You can either hire a professional to sharpen your knife and bring it back to life. However, you should always keep the knife clean and check whether it needs a professional or not.

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