Germany Warns EU Parliament Against Delay in Emergency Fund

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If the European Parliament disagrees with European leaders on the corona recovery fund this month, it will undoubtedly be delayed.


Then countries severely affected by the corona crisis will have to wait longer for help, Germany warns.

Germany is leading the EU for this six months and is therefore leading negotiations with the EP on the multi-annual budget and the recovery fund, on which Member State leaders reached a hard-won compromise in July.

Parliament has yet to give its approval and wants to tinker with that compromise. It demands more money for innovation and public health and wants to close the money tap if countries do not respect the rule of law.

On Thursday, the European Parliament temporarily broke off the negotiations because the member states would not want to make concessions that involved anything. That the MEPs “walked away” is “a surprise” and “a shame”, says a senior European diplomat.

Member States believed that they had made “a generous offer” and “a big step towards parliament”. Germany has warned that the negotiators are running out of time, says the initiate.

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