Germany: Number of New Infections High Again But Stable

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A day after Germany reported a doubling to record high in the number of new corona infections and nearly a thousand new deaths, the number of new infections remained stable on Thursday and the number of deaths slightly lower.


The Robert Koch Institute, the German equivalent of the RIVM, has registered 26,923 new infections in the last 24 hours.

The RKI reported 27,728 new cases on Wednesday, and 14,432 on Tuesday. With the most recently established infections, the total number of confirmed infections in Germany will exceed 1.4 million on Thursday.

Another 698 people have died in Germany in the past 24 hours from the effects of Covid-19. This means that the country has so far regretted at least 24,125 deaths as a result of the corona epidemic.

A hard lockdown has been in effect in Germany since Wednesday. Among other things, many businesses and schools must remain closed until January, Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed with state governments on Sunday.

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