Georgia Standings: 90 Percent Count, Republicans Lead

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With about 90 percent of the votes counted, the two Republican candidates are currently in the lead in the second round of the Senate elections in the US state of Georgia, Reuters news agency reports based on Edison Research’s data.


Previously, Republican Senator David Perdue came alongside in the election race against challenger Jon Ossoff, but Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler was still behind her challenger Raphael Warnock.

For the first Senate seat in Georgia, Senator Perdue leads 51.2 to 48.8 percent against Democrat Jon Ossoff. The difference is smaller for the second Senate seat. Senator Kelly Loeffler stands at 50.8 percent so far against the Democrat Raphael Warnock’s 49.2 percent.

The Georgia elections are decisive as to who will rule the Senate in Washington. If Republicans retain their majority in the upper house of the US parliament, they could make life difficult for incoming President Joe Biden with his policies and appointments for the next four years.

The first polls by Edison Research already indicated that it promised to be a neck-and-neck race. Half of the voters want the Democrats to take Georgia’s two Senate seats, and the other half want to keep the Republican majority. Half of the voters polled by Edison Research voted for President Donald Trump in the November presidential election and the other half voted for Democrat Joe Biden.

The latter took off with less than 12,000 votes in November from the election victory in Georgia. This was striking because the traditionally conservative southern state had not elected a Democrat since 1992. At the time, Bill Clinton managed to win a majority.

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