From Thursday, Self-Isolation will No Longer be Mandatory in England

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that there will be no more corona measures from Thursday. Mass testing will also be stopped from April. That’s in his “Living with COVID-19” plan.


However, Johnson emphasizes that “crowning victory” is not in order because the virus is not gone.

No, there is no consensus about Johnson’s plan. Critics fear the reins are being loosened too soon, and scaling backtesting is a risk. Johnson points out, however, that the most vulnerable will continue to be able to count on free corona tests.

“Today is not the day we overcame covid because the virus is not going away,” Johnson said in a speech last night. “The pandemic was the two darkest and grimiest years in historic peacetime.”

The peak of the omikron wave has also passed in England, with hospital admissions falling, although the number of infections remains high (an average of 38,400 per day, ed.). Last week, the Bureau of National Statistics calculated that 1 in 20 inhabitants is infected. The advice, therefore, remains to isolate oneself if one tests positive.

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