French Greens Party Put Pressure on Macron After Election Victory

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The French green party EELV wants President Emmanuel Macron to prioritize environmental protection.


According to MEP and party leader Yannick Jadot, the electoral gains of the greens in the municipal elections on Sunday show that French voters consider measures to combat climate change significant, which he says Macron still denies.

The president, for whom the election results are painful, is expected to reschedule his cabinet. Jadot said in a radio interview that EELV would not be part of the government, however.

The leader of the Greens said Macron should implement 149 promised climate action.

Macron will meet several greens on Monday, during which he will first discuss proposals such as a lower speed limit on the highways and criminalizing ‘ecocide’.

The Greens seized power in the cities of Lyon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg, among others. In Paris, socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, an EELV ally, won.

Macron’s Liberal Party LREM performed poorly. Only half of ten of Macron’s ministers managed to win a victory in the cities in which they participated. One of them is Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who was elected Mayor of the port town of Le Havre.

As a result, speculation increases that famous Philippe will no longer be part of Macron’s government after the recast.

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