French Former President Sarkozy Before The Court For Corruption

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French former President Sarkozy before the Court for Corruption. French former president Nicolas Sarkozy will soon have to go to court on suspicion of, among other things, corruption.


He allegedly illegally financed his presidential campaign in 2012.

Sarkozy had appealed to the Court of Cassation.

That said today that the former president is at the forefront: the lawsuit can continue.

Maximum amount bypassed
When organising the campaign, Sarkozy’s employees allegedly kept double accounts.

On fictional notes, they charged an event agency lower costs that were paid.

For example, Sarkozy circumvented the maximum amount that can be spent in France on the election campaign.

He would have spent twice as much on it, although he insists that he was unaware of the shadow accounting.

Sarkozy also says that he was already convicted in 2013 and then paid 360,000 euros.

But according to the prosecutors, that conviction was on other grounds.

The Supreme Court has now acknowledged that so that the case against Sarkozy can now begin.

He was president between 2007 and 2012.

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