Former Trump Chief of Staff Indicts Pelosi and Members of Inquiry

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Former Donald Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows has indicted top Democrat Nancy Pelosi and members of a parliamentary committee of inquiry.


Meadows is said to be taking legal action after the commission investigating the Capitol storming said Wednesday it was considering criminal charges against the former chief of staff. That writes news site Politico based on court documents.

The exact charge of Meadows is not yet known. He should have appeared before the committee on Wednesday but informed his lawyer that he would not show up. Instead, he only wanted to answer questions in writing. That caused furious reactions from the Commission of Inquiry, which threatened criminal charges against the former chief of staff.

Meadows is seen as an important witness but says Politico says he can’t say anything because of “executive privilege”, which former President Trump also constantly invokes and which allows the president to keep certain information confidential.

As chief of staff, Meadows held one of the most critical positions in the White House during the January 6 riots. Then Trump supporters stormed the House of Representatives because they wanted to prevent parliamentarians from approving the presidential election results. They were lost by Trump, who continued to insist without evidence that there was a fraud.

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