Foreign Athletes Welcome to Japan for Test Matches

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Athletes from outside Japan are also welcome at some of the so-called test events for the Tokyo Olympics. So say the Games organizers, which have been postponed by a year to next summer due to the corona pandemic.


The test matches will serve as a dress rehearsal for how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the Games.

“We are now making an inventory of how many athletes want to participate in the test events. As soon as we have those numbers, we will work with the government to determine what is possible,” said official Yasuo Mori on behalf of the organizers. Foreign athletes are welcome to participate in five sports disciplines.

Athletics is the only one organized by “Tokyo 2020” itself. On May 9, athletes from outside Japan are welcome at the Tokyo National Stadium, which the public will also attend. International sports federations are responsible for competitions in four sports, including water polo and marathons, which welcomes foreign athletes.

According to the organization, whether or not the test events go-ahead is closely linked to Japan’s corona figures. Eighteen of them are planned, of which those in skateboarding and shooting have already been moved from April to May. This weekend will be the first test event since the Games were postponed in March 2020. It is wheelchair rugby, a discipline at the Paralympic Games.

The rules applied at the events are those as formulated in the previously distributed handbooks. For example, physical contact is avoided as much as possible, encouragement is taboo, and the air in indoor areas is refreshed every thirty minutes.

Earlier it was announced that foreign spectators are not welcome at the Games, which start on July 23.

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