Fighting in Jalalabad Afghanistan Continues After An Attack on the Prison

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In the Afghan city of Jalalabad, fighting continues about fourteen hours after an attack on the prison.


The attackers have entrenched themselves in a residential building in the area, says a spokesman for the governor of the eastern Nangarhar province.

A car bomb went off at the prison on Sunday. Attackers then opened fire on the guards. A large number of prisoners are said to have escaped in the chaos.

According to the authorities, at least twenty people were killed, including civilians and detainees. The Islamic State terrorist organization claimed the attack.

Public life in the city is said to have completely shut down after the attack. Shops are closed.

The city is completely empty, says a politician from the area. He states that about a thousand escapees have already been arrested. It is still unclear how many people are still fugitives.

The Afghan authorities announced a day before the attack that a senior leader of IS had been killed. It is unclear how many extremists attacked prison afterwards. It may involve dozens of fighters.

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