Fifteen Killed in Floods in China

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Floods in northern China have killed at least 15 people. Meanwhile, most of the coal mines in the affected region have been restarted.


The normally arid province of Shanxi received three times as much rainfall in five days last week as normal in the entire month of October.

“Fifteen people have died in the disaster, and three are still missing,” said Wang Qirui, a provincial emergency response officer.

Some 19,000 buildings were destroyed, and 18,000 others were severely damaged. As a result, about 120,000 people had to be evacuated.

Of the roughly sixty mines in the province where operations had to be shut down, Wangs said only four more were shut down.

The interruption came at a bad time for electricity production in China, which runs 60 percent on coal. As a result, there is a high demand from the industry.

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