Facebook Presents The Smart Speaker

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Facebook Presents the Smart speaker with a Screen next Week. Facebook would show a new product next week. It is about the expected smart speaker with a screen.


According to reports, the presentation of the Portal-speaker next week will take place, but that the exact day is not yet known.

The Facebook speaker anticipated for a long time. Rumours were that the company would announce the device last May at its F8 developer conference.

That supposedly did not take place because of the abuse scandal with Cambridge Analytica that was playing at the time.

Facebook possibly will release two different versions of the Portal.

A smaller screen and a version with a larger touch-sensitive screen.

The devices would feature Amazon’s Amazon speech assistant and support video calling.

The speaker would have a camera that can be closed with a hatch.

The device would also have a built-in wide-angle lens, which uses artificial intelligence.

With this, people can be recognised in the picture. Users can also be followed while they walk through the room.

The smallest speaker is expected to cost 300 dollars and a bigger 400 dollars.

It is still to know whether the devices will also be on the market in the Netherlands and what they would require here.

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