Everything You Need to Know about Coolsculpting

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You are exercising fanatically, and you eat as healthy as possible. You do not lose that little bit of extra fat in some places. Recognisable? That is not surprising, because it is sometimes quite challenging to lose weight.

Yet there is a way that you can remove fat very locally, without having to go under the knife. At the Thérapie Clinic, you can undergo a treatment that eliminates your fat cells through a fat freezing technology.

1. How does CoolSculping work?
CoolSculpting is a treatment with which we can make fat cells disappear permanently: From the abdomen, love handles, legs, arms to the chin. The superficial fat cells are cooled in a controlled manner.

We apply an applicator that will cool between -10 and -13 degrees to damage only the fat cells. The body then sees the fat cells as waste and removes them naturally. This process of disposal takes a total of 12 weeks. Once removed, the fat cell will not come back, gone is gone.

2. Who is it suitable for?
For anyone with a healthy weight who suffers from that stubborn fat roll that does not come off despite exercise and following a healthy lifestyle. Both men and women can undergo treatment.

3. What is the difference with liposuction?
Liposuction is first and foremost surgery. That means cutting, recovery time and the risks associated with surgery. The goal, however, is the same, to permanently reduce the number of fat cells in a particular place and to get a change in the contour.

Besides, liposuction is in my eyes more suitable to tackle larger volumes. CoolSculpting is non-invasive and very ideal for sculpting the last edges.

4. How harsh is the treatment?
The moment the applicator is placed, you experience an intense pulling and squeezing force, because the superficial fatty tissue is sucked in using a vacuum.

Then we turn on the cooling and then the cold builds up. After approx. 4 minutes the cold is a bit sharp and after approx. 8 minutes the area is completely numb. When the execution time is up, the applicator will be removed, and the area will look somewhat red and stiffened. The fat cells are somehow crystallized by cooling.

The area is then thoroughly massaged for 2 minutes, and we end with a superficial massage. This can feel somewhat numb or bruised. The redness will almost entirely disappear after an hour. Bruises due to the vacuum are rare.

The first week after the treatment, the treated area feels a bit bruised, and the epidermis somewhat numb. So it is not far-reaching. Many clients return to have another zone treated, so in that sense, I can say that it is slightly addictive and the results are very positive!

5. Is there a recovery time, or can you do everything again immediately?
One of the significant advantages of CoolSculpting is that you can continue with your daily activities immediately after the treatment. Work out, work, a dinner or a drink? This can take place on the day of treatment. Clients even take their laptop with them to process some e-mails during treatment. No problem.

6. How has the treatment been shown to be effective and safe?
CoolSculpting is 100% safe and effective and is the only Cryolipolysis method approved by the FDA: the US Food & Drug Administration. CoolSculpting is very popular nowadays, and many beauty salons now offer similar, often cheaper treatments. However, they do not work with the official CoolSculpting equipment and can, therefore never achieve the same effect. So, pay close attention when choosing a clinic!

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