European Commission: Make It Easier for Europeans to Vote in Another Member State

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It should be made easier for people living in another EU country to take part in European or municipal elections, the European Commission believes. Now they usually do this much less often than their fellow citizens.


The 13.5 million expats, migrant workers and other people who have come over from another EU member state are allowed to vote in their new country of residence and stand for election for the city council and the European Parliament.

But they often encounter complicated registration procedures. Or they do not even know that this is possible, because the EU country where they are going to live does not or hardly inform them. This harms their democratic rights, the committee warns.

At the next European elections, in 2024, things have to change. The committee believes that it should be made mandatory to “proactively” inform voters from another EU country about their rights. The Member States must also use standard registration forms in a language that the majority of foreign voters can understand.

The plans require the agreement of Member State governments and the European Parliament.

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