EU Leaders Under the spell of Covid and Joe Biden

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Thursday and Friday, the 27 EU leaders will hold their traditional spring summit. Due to the deteriorating corona situation in the many Member States, President of the European Council Charles Michel has decided that it will take place by video connection and not physically in Brussels.


The main theme is again, Covid-19. US President Joe Biden will also be there in the evening to discuss transatlantic cooperation and international developments.

According to Michel, the top priority for the EU is now to speed up the population’s vaccination. There must be sufficient vaccines, but the deliveries are not going to go smoothly. The European Commission is busy exploring where production can be increased and ensuring that the EU gets its fair share of supplies.

Among other things, an export ban of Covid-19 vaccines from the EU is being discussed in countries where the coronavirus is less common, which are already a lot further along with vaccinations or do not export anything.

Until now, the export of vaccines from the EU could only be refused if the manufacturer does not deliver to the union what it has promised. The progress of developing a European ‘vaccination certificate’ to make travel in Europe possible again is also on the table.

Friday is meant to talk about the economy, the digitization of the EU and the internal market. Among other things, the expansion of the international role of the euro is on the agenda. All 27 Member States, including the non-euro countries, will participate in the Euro Summit.

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