Erdogan: Storming Capitol is Shame for Democracy

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has strongly condemned the storming of the US Capitol. He spoke of a “disgrace to democracy”.


The storming of the US parliament by Trump supporters has provoked shocked reactions worldwide. Many European leaders have expressed their horror. “This process in America, described as the so-called cradle of democracy, has surprised and shocked all of humanity,” Erdogan noted in Istanbul on Friday.

The relationship between Turkey and the US has been under pressure for years. Among other things, the countries fought over the Turkish purchase of a Russian missile defence system and the American support for a Syrian-Kurdish militia.

Turkey has also unsuccessfully demanded that Washington extradite Pastor Fethullah Gülen, who is held responsible by Erdogan’s government for a failed coup d’état.

Erdogan and President Donald Trump are known to have an excellent personal relationship. The Turkish leader has also waited days before congratulating Democrat Joe Biden on his presidential election victory.

Erdogan now expressed the hope that the transfer of power in the US on January 20 will proceed peacefully.

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