English Newspapers Do Not Like Prime Minister Boris Johnson as Pressure on Him Only Increases

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Boris Johnson did not do too well in the House of Commons on Wednesday, where the British prime minister had to defend himself against repeated opposition demands to step down as prime minister.


Johnson admitted to attending the alleged garden party but did not resign. “Outrageous”, the newspapers across the Channel call it.

Boris Johnson has come under fire several times since he became prime minister in 2019. But what happened on Wednesday in the House of Commons can safely be regarded as the low point of his tenure. After the garden party for his employees to thank them with a drink during the first lockdown – in which nothing was allowed – Johnson had to go through the dust. He apologized but did not step down despite repeated requests to do so.

The English newspapers have not much good to say about Johnson a day later. “Outrageous” reads the front page of The Mirror. “First, Johnson said no rules were broken, and then he said he didn’t know about parties, now he admits he attended a party but didn’t realize it was one.”

According to The Guardian, it will still be a matter of whether Johnson can stay on as prime minister; the times writes that the “rebellious prime minister” refuses to resign “while the polls are getting worse” and Financial times keeps it sober: “Johnson defies demands from Tory’s to get up.”

“Cock and Bull Tory,” headlines The Daily Record. That is an expression used when someone explains and no one believes him. The National is bolder: “Liar.”

Other newspapers are also not tender. The Telegraph writes that Johnson is in a difficult limbo to contain, the Daily Mail talks about “Operation save Boris”, and the Daily Express writes “, I’m sorry… But prove what you can do for Britain”. The Star puts it on: “Sorry… not sorry. The rules only apply to the little man.”

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