Elephant Suffering in Thailand Has Risen Sharply

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Elephant suffering in Thailand has risen sharply. More and more of these animals are used to entertain tourists.


The entertainment with the elephants will increase in Thailand and other Asian countries due to the corona crisis, animal protection organization World Animal Protection (WAP) fears.

After research, WAP speaks of alarming trends. The organization counted 3,837 elephants in captivity across 357 elephant camps and shelters in Thailand, India, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

The lion’s share of elephants lives in appalling conditions. They are chained to short chains, live under unsanitary conditions and can barely have contact with their own kind. Only 7 percent of elephants in captivity live in shelters where welfare is high.

Thailand is the hotspot when it comes to entertainment with elephants.

There, the number of elephants in captivity grew by 70 percent in ten years, according to WAP animal protectionists. Elephant rides are still offered in more than half of the camps.

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