Drugs And Depression: Justin Bieber Frank About A Difficult Childhood

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Drugs and Depression: Justin Bieber frank about a Difficult Childhood. In a long post on Instagram, Justin Bieber (25) talks frankly about what it was like for him to grow up in the spotlights.


Among other things, he states that child stars are under immense pressure and far too much responsibility is given to these young people “whose brains are not yet developed.”

Justin writes that his life was completely turned upside down within two years.

“One moment, I was a thirteen-year-old boy from a village in Canada, the other moment I was praised everywhere,

 and millions of people told me that they loved me and how wonderful I was.

If you hear things like this often enough when you’re young, are you going to believe in it? “

The now 25-year-old remembers what it felt like to be eighteen years old “and have no skills for real life,

 but millions on the couch and endless possibilities”.

At the age of twenty, Justin said he had made “all the bad decisions you can make in life”,

 and he was no longer “the most loved and adored person in the world” but “the most ridiculed,

 criticised and hated the person in the world.”

The singer tells us that he went to hard drugs around the age of nineteen and broke his bond with the people around him.

“I was sore, angry and disrespectful of women.

I distanced myself from everyone who loved me and hid behind a shadow of myself.

I thought I could never change that again, and it took me years to get those relationships back to build.”

It is now a lot better with Justin, and in his post he thanks the people around him for that.

He calls his marriage to Hailey Bieber “the best season of my life”.

The singer also supports fans who are going through a difficult time. “If everything seems to be disappointing, fight on. Jesus loves you.”

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