Donald Trump Promises to Withdraw US from Arms Trade Treaty

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US President Donald Trump promises that he will now withdraw his country from the Arms Trade Treaty. That treaty that regulates the international arms trade was co-approved in 2013 by its predecessor Barack Obama but was never approved by the Senate.


President Trump had chosen the right hearing for his announcement. This happened during a speech before the National Rifle Association (NRA), an essential organisation of the arms lobby in the United States.

“We’re taking back our signature,” Trump said. “I will sign a letter asking the Senate to stop the ratification process of that treaty.”

That refers to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) or international treaty that regulates the arms trade.

That was signed in 2013 by former President Barack Obama but has never been ratified by the Senate, where Republicans have had the majority all the time.

That ATT treaty does not limit the right of citizens to bear arms but does contain provisions to prevent arms embargoes from being circumvented or weapons falling into the hands of gangs in war zones, terrorists or criminals.

One hundred one countries have signed the treaty, but 34 states have not yet ratified it.

Almost all European countries have signed it as well as many countries in Latin America, but some West African countries, South Africa, Zambia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand have signed the treaty. The arms trade accounts for a turnover of more than 70 billion dollars annually.

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