David Jiang: Tips on Creating A Brand Committed to Social Good and Responsibility

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David Jiang is a business entrepreneur with a vision for his company – SMILE – to be recognized as a best in class brand within the exponentially growing Cannabidiol (CBD) industry.

CBD is an oil extracted from the hemp plant and is widely accepted as having positive health benefits. CBD oil has been touted as having extremely positive results when treating such chronic ailments as stress pain, or low mood the medical community continues to uncover new and exciting ways CBD is benefiting people’s health and wellness.

With that in mind, enter David Jiang, an ambitious entrepreneur committed to social good and responsibility with a desire to bring people high-quality health products that deliver the goods and taste way better than other products on the market so that people actually look forward to taking them. David has entered the CBD industry by launching his new company – SMILE – that has developed one the first vegan CBD multivitamin gummy products and tinctures in delicious flavours. SoonSmile will be releasing topical lotions and creams, that is said to assist in the treatment of many chronic and common ailments – but in a natural way.

David Jiang says his vision for the brand is for SMILE to be the company that comes to mind straight away when you mention CBD; much like TESLA is to electric cars or APPLE is to smartphones, he wants to position SMILE at the forefront of the industry.”



Aside from the need to produce a ‘best in class’ product using only the highest quality ingredients attainable, the product needs to be presented and branded in the right way, As the co-founder of Waverly.co, a marketing company that has assisted in the marketing and brand development of some of the biggest consumer brands in the world, presentation and branding is something David Jiang knows quite a bit about.

It is no surprise then that David put a great deal of thought into his product and how it would differentiate from the competition. As David puts it – “With SMILE, (not only did) I want to create a brand that had the highest quality products, I also wanted them to be fun and uplifting.”

The result is that SMILE manufactures CBD based Gummies that are colourful and above all tasty, and include flavours such as French Vanilla, Mint Bliss, Mighty Mango and Zesty Lemon. These flavours all sound as yummy as they look, but more importantly, according to people that enjoy them, they have huge medicinal benefits that positively tackle some of the most challenging health concerns.

If you would like to know more about SMILE and their CBD products, you can visit their website – https://reasontosmile.com or follow them on Instagram @smile and be sure to keep an eye out for their new products particularly their creams and lotions aimed at treating muscle and joint pain as well as care.

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