Chinese Tech Billionaire Jack Ma Seems to Have Disappeared

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The Alibaba CEO has not been seen in public for two months since he criticized the Chinese government.


Best known as the founder of Alibaba and one of the wealthiest people in the world, Jack Ma has not appeared in public since November. He has also been replaced in his own TV show.

In that show, Africa’s Business Heroes, he was replaced as a jury member in November by another top man from Alibaba, and his photo was also taken from the website.

Formally, Ma is not missing or untraceable. That’s how it sounded at the time at Alibaba, opposite the Financial Times, that he couldn’t participate due to a calendar conflict. But it is striking that the CEO, who usually likes to be in the spotlight, has become remarkably invisible.

There has also been no message from him on Twitter since October 10. Although that is less abnormal. Ma only tweeted every few weeks, and the penultimate message is from August 19.

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