China Confirms: Coronavirus is Transmissible from Person to Person

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The health council in China confirms that the coronavirus that has recently emerged is transmissible from person to person.


Until now there was still a lack of clarity about this, although people in the affected area were already advised to wear mouth masks.

The deadly virus rages primarily in the Hubei province in China and can infect both humans and animals. According to Chinese state media, 217 infections have been registered so far.

At least three people have died from the virus. Today, infections in other places in China were also reported for the first time: five in Beijing and seven in different Chinese provinces.

An infected person can suffer from a common cold to severe kidney failure. According to the health organisation, medical personnel have also been affected in the area.

Researchers report that the virus originated in a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in central China.

That the virus is transmissible from person to person, according to the Health Council, research has been carried out at a Chinese family, where several family members were infected, but only two of them had visited the relevant market in Wuhan.

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