China Angry About Pompeo’s Statements in Suriname

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China has reacted angrily to statements made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Suriname about the cooperation between the two countries.


According to Surinamese media, the Chinese embassy says Pompeo is “attacking the country unfounded”.

Pompeo said in Paramaribo that “investments by China always come at a cost”. “We honour contracts, we don’t practice loot capitalism,” Pompeo said.

Both Chinese and American companies are keen to gain a foothold in Suriname.

“We advise Pompeo to respect facts and truth and to stop arrogance and prejudice, defamation and spreading rumours about China,” the embassy said in a statement.

“Under the guise of democracy and human rights, Pompeo attacks our country unfounded”, the embassy continued. “The relationship between Suriname and China is one of mutual respect and equality.

It is an excellent example of two countries that, despite differing political views and different cultures, get along well. Any attempt to sow disagreement between China and Suriname is doomed. to fail. “

Surinamese President Chan Santokhi said he did not want to choose between the two countries. “We also have good relationships with other countries.”

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