Cautious Estimate Belgium: Flood Damage 150 Million Euros

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The floods of the past few days have caused damage in Belgium for at least 150 million euros. That amount is probably much higher, insurers estimate.


The insurers have already received thousands of damage claims, De Morgen writes. But that’s only a fraction of the total, they think. “We will go over 150 million euros”, industry association Australia says in the Belgian newspaper, and that is still “a conservative estimate”.

The damage is much more significant than that because much is not covered either. This is where the Belgian disaster fund comes in. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo spoke of hundreds of millions of euros over the weekend.

Insurers have sent mobile claims counters to the disaster area so that victims in, for example, Liège and Eupen, can report their damage on the spot. However, some of those affected complain that insurers only want to take action when the water has receded, and the damage becomes visible.

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