Brussels Proposes EU Standard for Green Bonds

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The European Commission proposes the introduction of a European standard for green bonds. Bonds bearing the so-called EUGBS stamp should encourage sustainable investment.


Investors then know for sure that they are putting their money into the truly green business, making it easier for companies and governments to attract money for sustainable projects.

The standard is also a measure to prevent ‘greenwashing’, i.e. investments that are presented as being more sustainable than they actually are. With the EUGBS, which must comply with a series of standards and conditions that are also subject to EU supervision, investors know they will not be bottled.

The issuance of a green bond with the EU stamp is voluntary; according to the EU daily board, there are also other accepted standards.

Green investments are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to rise sharply in the coming years. The committee, therefore also wants to encourage green loans and mortgages. Private money is desperately needed to achieve the European climate and environmental goals in the coming decades.

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